New Recycled Glass Soap Dish in Spa Green

Soap Dish

Made a recycled glass soap dish from some lighter colored green glass. I’m calling it Spa Green.

I’m sure you have seen my other soap dishes, but in case you haven’t here is how I make these eco-friendly soap dishes. I take bottles, remove the labels, clean well, and break into small pieces. The pieces are then put into the kiln to fuse together at a temperature over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The next day the flat piece is placed on a mold and put back in  the kiln. It is slowly heated to form to the mold and then slowly cooled down.

It is for sale here. Check my store or online shops for other colors.

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4 thoughts on “New Recycled Glass Soap Dish in Spa Green

  1. Nanci Gregg says:


    I’m working on a photo essay on soap dishes for our upcoming issue and I wonder if you have any high res images of soap dishes you’d be willing to share with our readers. You would, of course, receive credit and there would be a live link from our flip book once the publication is in print.

    Can you help?

    Of course, I’m on deadline –



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  2. mara says:

    I’m interested in the recycled green soap dish but don’t see where I could click to buy. Also, wondering how wide it is. I often buy rectangular chunks of soap so 6″ wide might show more of the glass when the soap is on there. Thanks!

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