Easy Stained Glass Marijuana Leaf Pattern

Stained Glass Marijuana Leaf

At the moment, I seem to have a Colorado theme going on with my stained glass patterns.

The Inspiration

I am expanding my offerings of stained glass patterns in my Etsy shop. That means I am always on the lookout to see what is popular. What might a stained glass hobbyist want to make? Recently, I asked a fellow stained glass artist what her biggest seller was. Her answer surprised me. It was the marijuana leaf. I thought about this and remembered a friend of mine who sells CBD products. A stained glass marijuana leaf might be the perfect gift for her. 

The Pattern

The marijuana leaf pattern is simple enough for a beginners. It uses a small amount of glass. The smallest size could probably made from scrap glass lying around the workshop. The pattern set includes 4 different sizes: from 7.25 inches tall to 4.75 inches. Find this pattern and my other patterns in my Etsy shop.

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