How I Setup My Glass Studio and its Evolution

I occasionally get questions about how I setup my stained glass and fused glass studio. I would love to tell you I had some great master plan. In reality, it just evolved over time. Glass [...]

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Easy Stained Glass Marijuana Leaf Pattern

I seem to have a Colorado theme going on. I am expanding my offerings of [...]

Stained Glass Mountains Suncatcher Pattern

There are many mountain stained glass suncatcher styles. This is my version. Well, actually, I [...]

Color Wheel Comes to the Rescue

Using a color wheel can help when selecting glass for fused glass art. Here is [...]

How To Make Fused Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

I have a new tutorial for sale. This one is all about how to make [...]

Stained Glass Scrap Feather Pattern

So Much Stained Glass As a glass artist, I have an obsession for collecting glass. [...]

How to Cut Really Thin Strips of Glass

On one of the Facebook Groups that I follow, someone asked about cutting strips of [...]

Fused Glass Art – How to Embrace Color in Your Space

Don’t miss the recent Redfin article I was featured in: “Embrace Color in Your Space! [...]

Tracing Patterns On Glass – Quick Tip

Quick tip for tracing patterns on glass. [...]