How I Start my New Year – January Cleaning

Most people start the New Year with a new gym membership or a diet. For me, January has always been a month of cleaning. I have this overwhelming need to get rid of things, declutter, streamline, and just in general free myself up. Since the weather is usually terrible in Houston during January, rainy and or cold, I end up staying at home hibernating. I do things like reorganize my pantry, throw out expired medication, and create a pile of clothes for Goodwill. I also have spent way to much time watching folding videos. So now all of my underwear is folded into cute little bundles. Perhaps TMI.

This need/obsession also extends to my glass studio. As any glass artist will tell you, we usually collect way more supplies than we can ever use in a lifetime. I am finally ready to let go of some of things. I am starting off with some vintage hand spun rondels that I inherited from my father’s glass studio. My guess is they are from the 1960’s or even earlier. The box says they are from West Germany. There is probably a whole generation of young people now that don’t even realize there once was a West and East Germany.

So if you are a glass artist, check them out on my shop page. Apparently rondels are not all that easy to find any more. I have used them in the past for suncatchers and panels. They definitely add some old world charm to any stained glass creation.

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