Art That Makes Me Smile

I was walking through Garden Ridge Pottery the other day when I spotted this painting. I don’t know why, but I stopped immediately. It made me smile. I looked at it for a while, but since my husband was with me, I didn’t have a lot of time to pause and admire it.  Ladies, you know what I mean. I thought about the painting for a several days and decided I had to go back to the store and take another look at it. When I saw it again, it had the same effect on me as when I saw it the first time. It just made me smile. That’s it! Had to buy it! It’s now hanging on a wall in my kitchen.

It made me ask myself, “What is it about certain art that speaks to me.” In the case of my bird painting, I think it is partly because of the bright apple green color of the bird. It’s a color I have long loved. In fact over 30 years ago I asked my husband to paint our first apartment kitchen in this color. As he painted the walls, he was sure I’d come home and say it had to be repainted. But he was wrong. It was bright, cheery, and full of energy. I loved it instantly. Just like my new wall art.

2 thoughts on “Art That Makes Me Smile

  1. Mark Urban says:

    It was 30 years ago I learned to understand that you are moved by beautiful things (even if I can’t appreciate the beauty)…love you!

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