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Tools I use in my stained glass and fused glass work and tips and tricks I’ve learned.

Jig for Cutting Fiber Paper Strips

cutting fiber paper for fused glass damming

When I get going in the studio on a strip cut design, the last thing I want to do is stop and cut up fiber paper strips. The fiber paper strips are necessary when damming pieces that might spread. Most of my strip pieces are 6 mm and don’t spread much. I do, however, like […]

In Glass Fusing & Life – Sometimes Answers Are Simpler Than I Think

I have mentioned before how I sometimes find parallels in my glass fusing with life lessons. I recently had another one of these revelations. I often need strips of fiber paper when I am damming a glass piece in the kiln. In the past I have used a ruler to mark and cut the strips. […]

Fused Glass Workshop Tip – Press’n Seal

I use Glassline paints in my fused glass work. Sometimes I can go for weeks or even months without using them. To help keep my paints fresh longer I use a small piece of Press’n Seal. Unscrew the tip and place it over the opening then screw the top back on and tightly wrap the […]

Tips for Cutting Thin Strips of Glass for Fused Glass On-Edge Construction

I was recently asked for any tips I had for cutting strips. While there are a few things that I can suggest, I really think it is mostly practice that makes the difference. I had many years of cutting stained glass pieces before I started cutting strips. So the first thing I recommend is to […]