Fused Glass Strata Plate

This is the result of my “what if” experiment from a while back. I took irregular shaped strips, placed them on edge and fused them together. The result was a piece that reminded me of rock strata. I stared at this piece for a very long time wondering what to do with it. For me, staring at things turns out to be a big part of the design process. After straightening out the edges with some sanding, I surrounded it with clear glass and a border. Using the clear glass makes the piece look like it’s floating. You can also see the edge of the strata piece through the clear glass. To keep it contemporary and different I bordered two sides with black and two sides with white. After a second fusing I still felt like it needed something so I sandblasted some random stripes onto it which are very subtle. The last step was to slump it into a sushi plate form.

Fused Glass Plate Clear BorderFused Glass Strata Plate Sandblasted

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