30 Wonderful Years

Recycled Glass Cheese TrayThis year my husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary. My wonderful husband of 30 years has supported me all these years, in all my crazy endeavors. He is definitely the practical one. While I am pretty practical myself, I am the one that will sometimes randomly come up with ideas and things that I think are important. When I do it usually means my poor husband has to compromise and or execute the plan.

As a young newlywed couple, when my car needed to be replaced, my logical husband was thinking ahead. A “family” car was what he thought we should buy. That made perfect sense, but I really didn’t want to be seen driving a station wagon. At the car dealership, I lobbied hard for the “sport package” so I could have a red stripe on the side of my new station wagon. A totally unnecessary expense, but my wonderful husband understood just how important it was to me.

One year while shopping at Sam’s on the last day of the school year I saw an above ground pool for sale. How great would that be! I could go home and have it all set up by the time the kids got home from school. They’d have hours of fun all summer and I’d get the Mother of the Year award. I so could have done it too except for the instructions that talked about removing all the grass and leveling the ground with sand. My husband rescued me! He spent the next three days in the Texas heat putting up the pool. And I never once heard him swear under his breath.

Then one day ten years ago, I came home and said, “You know what? I think we should move to the country. I found a great lot to build on.”  I don’t even remember what my husband said. But by this point in our marriage I don’t think he was in the least bit surprised. Turns out it was a really good thing we moved because there was definitely no room for my kilns at our old house.

Thank you honey for sharing this great adventure with me for 30 years!

We celebrated our 30th anniversary with a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne. The empty bottle ended up in the kiln, of course, and is now for sale.

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