Color Wheel Comes to the Rescue

Sometimes, selecting colors that work together for a glass art piece can be tricky for me. Bullseye Glass sells a color wheel that can help. However, I am still using Oceanside Glass (formerly Spectrum Glass). So, while the Bullseye color wheel would be generally helpful, the specific glass colors would not be what I use.

Help! What Colors Work Together?

It got me think though! Surely, there must be an app for that. Searching online I came across an app by Adobe called Adobe Capture which is a good option. Similarly, you can achieve the same goal by going to the Adobe Color website. Of course, you use your phone to work on the website.

Unfortunately, neither the website nor the app is very intuitive for the simple way I want to use it. I basically want to upload an image of a piece of glass and then see what the complementary colors are. A bit of time experimenting and I eventually figured out how to create a palette and save it to a library. The app and website have many features. It is definitely geared towards photographers and web designers. Without a doubt, it is overkill for what my needs are, but it was the best I could find and it is free. Int the end, I found it genuinely helpful.

Help! What Colors Work Together?

If you look at my store, you will see much of my work is in shades of blue. It is my comfort zone. When I try to venture out and buy a piece of glass in a different color, I often have it in my studio for a long time before I use it. I get stymied on what colors to coordinate with it. Two of the colors I have sitting in my studio waiting for creative inspiration are Persimmon Opal and a Caledon Opal. And so, I gave the the Adobe Color Wheel website a try to see if it could help me.

Briefly, here are the steps I took:

  • On the Oceanside Glass website search for the color
  • Click on the image of the glass and save it to phone (or desktop if working on a computer)
  • On Adobe website go to the Create section and upload the image
  • Navigate to the Color Wheel where there is a drop down arrow that has 9 different palettes based on color wheel theory
  • Save the preferred palettes to a Library
  • Use the created palette to help choose glass

As an example, here are some pictures of the color palettes generated by using a picture of the celadon green and persimmon glass as well as the glass I chose based on them.

Color Wheel Palettes

I now feel more confident moving forward with these color combinations.

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