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The Glass Workshop

Glass Studio

Someone recently asked about advice for setting up a glass workshop. My work space was more of an evolution than a thought out plan. In fact, when I first started doing stained glass, my “workshop” was a plywood board on two saw horses in the breezeway between our house and garage. That changed the day […]

Stained Glass Bluebonnet Panel

My most recent stained glass piece is a bluebonnet panel. This is my second bluebonnet panel. The first one was a leaded glass panel. It proved to be a difficult process because of the many small pieces. For my second blue bonnet piece I decided to do a combination of foil and lead. This latest […]

Decorative Soldering Application

After practicing and experimenting with decorative soldering last week, I created this sun catcher to apply some of the new techniques. I used a stipple application on the back of the piece. On the front I used my soldering iron on a low setting to create a unique look. To me, it almost makes the […]

Custom Stained Glass Cabinet Panels – Installation Day

They say the more you do something the easier and less scary it gets. Well I have to say that every time I do a custom stained glass installation, there is always a little bit of apprehension on installation day. Usually they go pretty smoothly, but I did have one installation that required me to […]

Exploring Decorative Soldering Techniques

I have been making stained glass pieces for almost 12 years now. In all that time, I have never done any decorative soldering; partly because I do mostly lead came construction, not copper foil, and partly because it didn’t appeal to me. That may be because I have seen too many stained glass pieces where […]

Stained Glass Transom Times Four

Stained Glass Pattern Setup

Just about every custom stained glass project I do has its own unique requirements. At the moment I am working on four stained glass panels. The panels will be installed into existing transoms that are above four windows in a bedroom. These panels will be a timeless design with a center bevel, glue chip background, […]

Holiday Market and Craft Shows

Shows…. I continue to have a love/hate relationship with them. For several years now I have participated in one or two shows each fall season. A lot of time and effort goes into these shows. In addition to the time I spend at the show, I spend days before the show getting ready. This involves […]

Abstract Stained Glass Panel Garden Art

I have had this abstract stained glass panel project in my workshop for a long time. It has taken me way longer than I thought it would to get to and get it done. In fact, even now, it isn’t quite ready to be delivered yet! Earlier this year I got a call from a […]

Staunton, Virginia – Tiffany Stained Glass Windows

On a recent visit to Virginia we stopped in the town of Staunton. Staunton is known as the birth place of Woodrow Wilson. On the day of our visit we took a guided two hour walking tour. Our tour took us past many interesting houses and buildings in town. Our guide told us about the […]