Fused Glass Mosaic Technique

Fused Glass Mosaic TileThis is another fused glass piece I made at Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas this year. It is a mosaic technique. I scored pieces of glass horizontally and then vertically in 3/8” increments. Then I used my running pliers to break the pieces apart into little square pieces. When you cut glass, you should never score over a line you have already cut. But, you can score across lines. This makes it really easy and fast to cut up a lot of square pieces to use for a mosaic technique. Another alternative is to use glass nippers to nip pieces of glass for the design.

Next, I secured the small squares on a piece of clear glass. I placed that on top of another square of gray that resulted in my “grout” lines. Another option would be to use frit in between the spaces. I kept my design simple since I wanted to focus on the technique and not spend all my time in class designing. I will definitely try a more complex design on my next piece.

One other interesting note is that the glass that looks like a terracotta color was actually a bright orange color before it was fired. You just never know for sure what you’ll get when you open the kiln. That’s what makes it so fascinating to me.

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