Fused Glass Bas Relief

Fused Glass Bas Relief I have seen several demos of the bas relief technique in fused glass. It has been on my “to try” list for a while now. I finally got to try it in Patty Gray’s class at Glass Craft and Bead Expo 2010. I was amazed at how easy this technique was. The results were great. I think choosing an iridized glass as the base for this piece really enhanced the end result. Lighter transparent glass colors also help the impression to be more distinct.

For this piece I layered a base piece of fiber paper, then cut out and placed fiber paper strips for the border with a leaf and a small piece for the vein of the leaf. On top of that, I placed my glass.

There is a good video on YouTube by Carmen Reynolds showing this technique.

I can’t wait to try this on a larger piece.

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