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Custom Stained Glass Cabinet Panels – Installation Day

They say the more you do something the easier and less scary it gets. Well I have to say that every time I do a custom stained glass installation, there is always a little bit of apprehension on installation day. Usually they go pretty smoothly, but I did have one installation that required me to […]

Inspiration from Monticello

Last week I was in Charlottesville, Virginia with my daughter. We took some time to tour Monticello. I don’t know what Charlottesville looks like the rest of the year, but last week was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect. Trees were budding. The tulips were overflowing, and the views from Monticello were breath taking. Even […]

How I Putty Stained Glass and Tools I Use

Last weekend I was puttying a stained glass transom I am working on. My father stopped by to inspect my work. If you have been reading this blog, you probably remember that it was my father who taught me how to do stained glass. When he saw my method of puttying, he snickered a bit. […]