Stained Glass Scrap Feather Pattern

So Much Stained Glass

As a glass artist, I have an obsession for collecting glass. When I first started working in stained glass, I would see a sheet of glass in a beautiful color or variegated pattern and had to buy it. Not because I had any specific project in mind, but because the glass had so many possibilities.

What to Do?

Over the years I amassed quite a bit of glass. But now that my work is mostly in fused glass, my stained glass collection is sadly gathering dust. I can’t bear to see it just sit there. Pondering how I might use it in some profitable way, I decided to make feather sun catchers. Feather symbolism takes on different meanings, depending on who you ask. In general, though, feathers symbolize the protection and love of guardian angels, the wind, the creator, and connection with God.

Creating a Pattern

I drew up four different patterns and set about making them. Well, I am sorry to say, as pretty as they are, I don’t think they will be profitable for me. And, if truth be told, I don’t particularly enjoy copper foil work. I much prefer to work with lead came in larger panel designs.

When I started my stained glass journey, I would go to bed at night thinking of different patterns and things I would like to make. Unfortunately, the tedious process of drawing a pattern by hand and then adjusting and readjusting was not fun.  Eventually I started using a computer aided design program (GlassEye) to draw my patterns. With this tool, I found that I really enjoyed the design process. So instead of making feather sun catchers to sell, I am making the patterns available for purchase.

The feather pattern is a perfect pattern for a stained glass beginner. It has a minimal number of pieces and you can’t go wrong with any color options. Each feather pattern is drawn in two sizes, 10 inch and 8 inch. They are available in my shop here: Feather Patterns

I will have to keep thinking about how to use my glass stash!

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