Retrofitting a Special Stained Glass Panel

This lovely rose stained glass panel was made by my client’s late wife. He wanted to give it a place of honor in his new home. To make it a custom fit in the new window, the panel had to be enlarged.

I will admit that this type of job is not my favorite thing to do, and in fact, I rarely do repairs or retrofits like this. It is a messy job removing old lead. Removing lead and solder with a soldering iron means there are caustic fumes. This process has to be done in a very well ventilated area. I usually have the garage door up and and a fan blowing the fumes away from me. Thank goodness the weather cooperated and it wasn’t too cold. Stained glass repairs are also very time consuming. But this panel had sentimental value, and I just couldn’t say no.

The original request was to add a border using one of the colors in the panel. The new size, however, meant the added border would not be the same size on all sides. We tossed around several ideas. But in the end, we went with a clear textured border. This keeps the focus on the rose, and keeps the piece from looking like the border was an afterthought.

Stained Glass Rose Panel

In addition to the retrofit, the client wanted two small pieces that would be installed in cabinet doors in the same space. In order to give the rose panel the highest place of honor we went with a traditional design that complimented rather than competed with the rose panel.

Hope to get a picture of the install to share when it is complete.

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