Fused Glass Stacked Plate

A few posts back I posted a picture of a stacked glass piece I fused. It has now been slumped in a rectangle sushi plate mold. It is a very simple shape so it doesn’t compete with the design of the glass. Thought I’d share some pictures of the finished piece. If you look at the last picture you can see my new green tea kettle. It matches my green bird painting. I’m definitely in a  green phase!

2 thoughts on “Fused Glass Stacked Plate

  1. chaniarts says:

    i use things shaped like this as towel holders in my guest bath. also, try not fusing it so flat to get some texture left in the surface. it gives you interesting shadows and a much different feel than flat shiny glass.

    • Margot says:

      Great idea on the bathroom towels! This one actually does have some texture in it. I don’t think the pictures picked that up well. And yes I am glad I didn’t fuse it flat. You can see the texture when the light bounces off the glass. It is way more interesting this way.

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