Kiln Fired Glass – Copper & Metal Inclusions

Square Metal Inclusion Piece - Close UpI attended a class this past weekend at Hollander Glass in Houston. Boyce Lundstrom was in town to teach us about using copper and metal inclusions in kiln fired glass. The class was based on two of his books, Kiln Fired Glass (Copper & Metal Inclusions) and Raku Glass.

I wish I had read his books before going to class. There was a lot to absorb in class learning about how reactive enamels, different metals,  and oxides react. Boyce, however, has a great “you can’t do anything wrong” attitude which is nice. So with careless abandon artistic flair I started applying oxides, and placing copper sheeting, aluminum foil, copper powder, wire, and chore boy scrubber pieces on my glass. I am looking forward to reading his books and exploring this in more depth.

We also learned a new technique to emboss copper that Boyce calls “auto” embossing. It involved running the tires of a truck over the foil to be embossed…

Honey! I need a new tool for my glass work… a Ford F250!

Here are some pictures of the pieces I made.

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