A Glass Art Butter Dish Worthy of Company

butterdish 1 I enjoy cooking and like trying new recipes. I also enjoy sharing meals with friends. Fortunately they don’t mind me trying new things out on them. The good news is that I don’t think I ever had a real disaster; other than the cake that fell off the cake platter as I was carrying it from the kitchen to the dining room. As I was setting the table recently for company I once again realized I did not have a butter dish worthy of the table. The one in my refrigerator is white plastic that probably came with my very first refrigerator circa 1980. I was determined to do something about this!

A few days later as I was cleaning up my studio to prepare for a new project, I came across a piece of glass leftover from another project. “Leftover” isn’t exactly right. In the process of doing a custom wall art piece I goofed. There were alternating strips of clear and white glass, but I accidentally put two white and two clear together; a mistake that is hard to catch on a white kiln shelf. I took the piece to the tile saw and cut off the offending piece to make a smaller art piece out of it. I also had a very small piece leftover that was just lying around. When I found it during my cleanup it hit me! It was the perfect size for a butter dish!

jbh7  Fused Glass Art

I slumped it in a mold that slightly lifted the edges. Now I am ready for my next dinner party!

I decided it was to pretty to put away, so I left it out on my counter. It also makes a great place for me to put my rings when I take them off to do dishes.

butterdish 2

2 thoughts on “A Glass Art Butter Dish Worthy of Company

  1. E says:

    Let us not forget the cream puff incident! I like it with the rings. I use my leaf shaped dish from you for my jewelry all the time.

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