Creative Stained Glass – Tour de Verre

I love seeing how glass is combined with other mediums and used in public spaces. Today I am sharing the work of Creative Stained Glass Studio based in Denver, Colorado. Creative Stained Glass Studio has produced many hundreds of Colorado stained glass windows for churches in addition to public, commercial and private stained glass window and art commissions. Their recently completed sculptural installation titled Tour de Verre is amazing. Here is some information from the studio, but you really need to see their video of the installation to get a true appreciation of it. You can see the video here: Tour de Verre

Tour de Verre

Tour de Verre (Tour of Glass) in the AMLI Ponce Park luxury apartments is our most recently completed piece near downtown Atlanta, GA. The inspiration for the piece lies in our studio’s location; Colorado has so many beautiful places to explore that it naturally inspires a desire to be active and live healthy. The ten recycled wheels and old materials serve to show that even when it seems that a thing has reached its practical end, it’s never too late to embrace a physical lifestyle. The stunning mouth-blown glass inside the wheels represents the rewards of an active life. Thirty-eight feet of winding steel ribbon provide the surface along which the wheels roll, representing the ups, the downs, and the loopty loops that life takes us on as we strive towards our goals. The design team was led by Keeley Musgrave with support from Michael Shields, and the installation was led by Matthew Durbin.

Tour de Verre2Tour de Verre1

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  1. Rowan Gonzalez says:

    Its amazing in which ways glass can be used to create stunning works of art. I think a lot of people underestimate the level of craftsmanship it requires. They should teach more about it on school.

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