New Year New Project

JST DiningRmI am excited to be starting the New Year with a stained glass commission. I will be making panels for a dining room cabinet and for a wine cabinet. The design for the wine cabinet is still underway, but will definitely be a grape vine theme.

The dining room cabinet panels will be traditional beveled panels. There are four panels with the same design in two sizes. They will be done in different textures of clear glass. A pop of color will be added with a thin border of purple. The focal point of each panel will be a glue chip bevel cluster.

The pattern is drawn and the templates cut. Now I just need some warmer weather so I can get out to the studio and cut the glass. Not only do I need to be warm, but the glass does too. Glass does not cut as well when it is cold.

Here is a picture of the design and the start of the process. I’ll be posting pictures on Facebook as the process progresses.

Oh and if you are wondering what the candle is for in the picture, I run my pattern shears over it to help the blades move more smoothly.


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