My Creative Journey – From There to Here

Let’s face it; if you have an artist’s soul, you have to create. To not create would be detrimental not only to the artist, but also to those around them. Too often we fall into the trap of believing art is a frivolous pursuit. Perhaps, like me, you were encouraged to pursue a career that would provide “a steady income.”

I started out with this practical goal in mind. I graduated from a high school known to produce top notch secretaries. After graduation I got a great job in New York City. But it wasn’t a very creative job. Just six months later, knowing that I needed something more, I started college in the evenings. Thanks to my husband’s encouragement, I eventually quit my job to go to college full time. Now you would think this is where I would find my creative spirit. Not yet. You see this was the time of “I am woman hear me roar.” It was all about being a professional career woman in the corporate world. I am fortunate though that I ended up becoming a computer programmer. While a very logical profession, it often requires quite a bit of creativity. My favorite part was always designing the input screens and reports; which in those days was not very exciting. None the less, I put a lot of effort into that part of my job.

I gave up my computer job to take on one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs in the world. Being a mom! There is no doubt that being a mom requires a lot of mundane activities, but it also requires quite a bit of creativity – just ask any mom who has had to negotiate a “he did this” “she did that” sibling argument. My children are my greatest joy and my best “creation.” Now that they are well on their way to becoming adults, I have time to pursue my creative nature, and awaken the latent artist within.

While I wish I had found that part of me sooner, it’s never too late! In fact, starting out later in life has had some benefits. For one thing I don’t assume that what a book or “expert” says is the only way to do things. I am more willing to try things in different ways. If it doesn’t work, I’ve learned how not to do something. This can be as valuable as knowing how to do something. I have a confidence now that I surely did not have in my youth.

So no matter where you are in life, embrace the artist within and begin your creative journey.

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