The Honeymoon is Over!

Pocket Vase

First Fused Plate

It never fails. In any relationship there comes that moment that we realize the honeymoon is definitely over. This happens in relationships between a husband and wife, friends, a new job, a new church, and in business relationships. There comes that moment when all we had hoped or dreamed about in the new relationship isn’t quite living up to our expectations. The wind is out of our sails.

Right now, this is where I am in my relationship with my glass fusing. I was so excited when I got my kiln back in January. I had a notebook full of ideas, hopes and plans. I now realize that some of those expectations were unrealistic for the size kiln I have. Some of my ideas required a lot more time to execute than I had anticipated. And while everything I put into the kiln is a great learning experience, I’m not producing much worthy of sale. I created some really great pendants and pocket vases, but I am yearning to make larger, functional art items.

So now what?

First, a deep breath, and perhaps a short break from my baby kiln might be in order. Then it’s time to evaluate some alternatives. Do I need to spend more time in the studio? Is it time to upgrade my equipment? Do I take a class? Perhaps I need to adjust my expectations realizing that it could take a year before I produce that first piece of truly stunning fused glass art. Maybe the answer is all of the above. I am not sure yet. But, what I do know is that in any relationship, perseverance is an important factor.

I once heard a story, the details of which I can’t remember, but the message stayed with me. It was about a woman who wanted to swim across the English Channel (I think). She trained long and hard. On the day she attempted her swim the weather was horrible. There was a very thick fog. Her support team urged her on, but she finally called it quits. What she couldn’t see because of the fog was that her goal was just ahead of her. She was so close. I wonder how many great things we miss out on because we stop persevering just short of our goal.

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