Mall Shopping – A Holiday Spirit Test

I do most of my Christmas shopping online these days, but when it comes to clothes, I do like to see it, touch it, and feel it before I buy it. So, earlier this week I got in the car, turned on the Christmas tunes, and ventured out to the mall. Let me just say that shopping with the masses can really test one’s holiday spirit.

Coupon in hand, I stopped at Macy’s. Either the economy is rebounding or there are a lot of people going deep into debt! Macy’s was packed with shoppers and a bit overwhelming. The checkout lines were 4 and 5 people deep. I found one item I was looking for, but my coupon required me to spend a certain amount. (Pretty smart those marketers.) I spent the next half hour searching for something else to purchase. When I finally had my two items I was lucky enough to find a checkout with only two people on line.

As I stood on line, I heard the first woman standing at the counter grumble, “What, I can’t use this coupon! Well never mind!” I’m guessing she was in her 70’s. She stomped off leaving behind all of her items. Her husband who had been sitting on a display cube waiting for her followed dutifully behind her knowing that now was not the time to ask what happened. The next woman on line didn’t have much luck either. She was younger and way more vocal. “Really! Are you kidding me! You are telling me I have to come back tomorrow to use this coupon! I hate Macy’s!”

Then it was my turn. I was already preparing for the worst reminding myself… It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Sure enough my coupon didn’t work either. It was only good on sale items and one of mine was not on sale. Smile I told myself… good cheer to men… peace on earth… “Okay, I’ll just take the one item then.” I said smiling kindly at the cashier. I made the mistake of paying with cash. For some reason the cash drawer would not open. Several attempts later and finally with some help from an assistant, the appropriate buttons were pushed and I got my change. And still I am talking to myself… Tis’ the season to be jolly… Unfortunately the machine that removes the security tag wasn’t working either. So I found myself strolling to another checkout with the cashier. Tag removed, I could now say… I’ll be home for Christmas…

I was quite proud that I managed to keep smiling. Truth be told, I am not the most patient person in the world. I don’t even think it looked like one of those fake plastered on smiles. You know the one I’m talking about. I’m smiling but really I’m going to explode any minute.

Next year no one gets clothes!

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