Cleaning Closets for the New Year

Getting ready for the New Year always involves cleaning closets for me. Not sure why, but it does feel good to go into the New Year lighter with less baggage. It’s amazing how much stuff one can gather over the years. And even more amazing how difficult it can be to release some of these things.

I seem to have a fascination with those zippered plastic bags that bedding comes in. I collect them thinking they ought to be good for something. It seems like such a waste to throw them out. After all, they have a nice zipper on them and a handle too! I got rid of all but one which is holding extra pillows. And I wonder where my son gets it from… he can’t bear to throw out boxes.

But the hardest thing to let go this year is my 1976 prom dress. My prom date was a handsome young man that four years later became my husband.  The dress was one-of-a-kind made by my mom. She did a great job! There is a definitely a lot of sentimental value in that dress. Oh oh! I had better stop now because I am feeling the urge to put it back in the closet!

Oh and check out those platform shoes my hubby is wearing! I am pretty sure that was my doing.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Closets for the New Year

  1. Lori Nypaver says:

    What a great picture of you and Mark going to the prom. I think your dress is really sweet, too. Are you sure you don’t want to keep the dress and wear it on your next cruise???

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