Happy Easter – Free Stained Glass Easter Egg Pattern

Easter is right around the corner, but it’s not too late to make these stained glass Easter eggs. Hang larger ones in a window or make smaller ones to hang from a basket. Here is a pattern with three different sizes Egg Pattern.

Choose Your Glass

It’s all about the glass here. Look for really cool opalescent glass in different colors. Or try an iridized glass for some sparkle. Or, you can also use leftover glass from another project.

Cut Out the Pattern and Solder

Here are the steps:

  1. Cut glass to the pattern shape. If your cutting skills are pretty good you won’t even need to grind the edges. Here is a tip if you plan on making several of these: Make copies of the pattern and use spray adhesive to adhere the pattern onto card stock or poster board. Then cut out the shape and use as a template to trace the design onto the glass with a sharpie.
  2. For the edge treatment there are several options:
    • Wrap the edge with foil and solder. One of those wavy foils would look great.
    • Wrap with a U lead. This is the way I did mine, and definitely the way to go if you’re in a hurry. Cut the lead, wrap, solder one joint and your almost done! I soldered the joint at the top where the loop is. If you are a beginner to stained glass, I recommend you put your joint at the bottom and the loop at the top. When putting the loop on the joint, be quick about it, or the joint can open up. I used a rubber band around the egg to help keep the came in place while I soldered the top.
    • Note! If you plan to put your eggs in a basket that will be near food or children, you will need to use a lead-free came and solder.
  3. Then take some tinned copper wire and add some squiggles or curly cue designs. While these aren’t necessary, they add a nice design element. They also help keep the lead from stretching away from the glass. If you use lead-free came, this came is stiffer and should not stretch away from the glass. Solder on a loop, and its done!


As a word of caution, I never use a suction cup to hang any stained glass sun catchers. First, I don’t particularly care for how it looks, and second, suction cups fail! For that reason, I’m not willing to take that chance. I screw a cup hook above the window and hang my pieces from a chain. You can purchase cup hooks and chain at any hardware store.

Happy Easter!

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