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Fused Glass Ripple Bowl

Fused Glass

Most of the fused glass pieces I do are either square or rectangular. I happen to like square and rectangular shapes. Another reason I don’t often work with circles is because working with a circle shape wastes more glass. Circles are a bit trickier to cut too. It’s not particularly hard to cut out a […]

A Long Journey – Fused Glass Plate and Lessons Learned

This piece has had a long journey. It started out as one thing and ended up something completely different. Along the way I had some issues that required reworking the piece and then some more reworking. Rather than call these mistakes, I prefer to think of these pieces as learning opportunities. This piece taught me […]

Fused Glass Evolution Piece

One of the great things about working with fused glass is that if something doesn’t quite work out the way I expect it to, I can usually reinvent it. I call these evolution pieces. They start out as one thing and end up another. I can sandblast, grind, saw, add glass, re-fuse, or any combination […]

Fused Glass Design Evolution

slumped fused glass dish bronze

This fused glass bowl is one of those pieces that evolved into the finished design. The original design was from the Bullseye Glass website Tint Tone Plate. This is a great website for technical information on glass fusing and design ideas. I used strips of glass in a bronze cathedral, opal ivory, and clear. Mine […]

Recycled Wine Bottle Swirl Dish – Final Results

Recycled Wine Bottle Swirl Dish 1

I’ve been experimenting with a wine bottle swirl mold for a few weeks now. I finally have it the way I want it. Lessons Learned –  Use light colored bottles. The swirl pattern will not show through dark glass. –  Fuse flat first. I got the best results by fusing the bottles flat before slumping […]