Glass! Handle with Care!

Today I was reminded once again that glass needs to be respected and handled with care. When you get comfortable handling and working with glass, you can forget just how dangerous glass can be.

As I was looking through my large sheets of glass, the piece of glass in this picture came falling out crashing on the floor just inches from my toes. Fortunately, I always stand to the side of the glass while I am looking through it, and I always wear closed toe shoes. Sometimes sheets of glass can have a small crack that isn’t noticeable. It’s not until you try to move it or there is some pressure on it that splits it right off. As a child in my father’s shop I remember passing the glass rack once just as a piece came falling out. My first reaction was actually to catch what was falling. My mother’s scream, however, made me jump out of the way. Thanks mom!

Always handle with care and respect!

4 thoughts on “Glass! Handle with Care!

  1. Joy Alyssa Day says:

    I’ve had that happen too. Very scary. Smart to always wear closed shoes, long pants. I used to wear gloves too, when I was new, but they just allowed more bad things to happen, so I’ve stopped. What I hate is the telltale “Tink!” that means the start of something breaking when you shift some glass – you never know for sure where or what! Joy

    • Margot says:

      Yes you are right about the “tink” sound. My dad taught me to flick my finger on a sheet of glass and listen. Glass that has a run it sounds different.

  2. chaniarts says:

    never hold glass over your head to look through it to a light source.

    never hold a sheet of glass by the sides. instead hold it from the top/bottom.

    a flick with a finger won’t work on the 1/2″ or 3/4″ glass sheets i work with.

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