What’s Cooking in the Kiln? Broken Glass Soap Dish

Fused Glass Dish

I haven’t had a lot of studio time in the last few months. It’s been a busy time with several family celebrations and events that have kept me busy. But I did finish one project that I thought I would share.

I received a request to create four custom fused glass soap dishes for a newly remodeled bathroom. I packed and ship them last week and totally forgot to take a picture. The picture above is from the prototype I made and is very similar to the final pieces which are on there way to Oklahoma.

One of the nice things about a custom request is that it often provides me with inspiration. In this particular case it resulted in the fused glass night light below. I had been trying to think of a contemporary design for a fused glass night light. This custom request was just the inspiration I needed. I hope to add more night lights and soap dishes in some other colors to my shop soon.

Fused Glass Night Light



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