Lacy Fused Glass Art Bowl

Lacy Fused Glass Art BowlI love to experiment and play “what if” in the kiln. Sometimes, however, there is a technique I want to try that someone else has already perfected and is willing to share. That was the case with this most recent Lacy Glass piece.

I purchased the E-book “Waste Not – Fused Projects from Scrap Glass” from Helios Kiln Glass Studio in Austin, Texas. Glass is expensive and I never want to waste any of it. Like most glass fusers, my bins of left-over glass runneth over. I am always looking for ways to incorporate this glass into new pieces. This E-book has several great techniques in it for using small pieces of glass that collect over time.  It has very clear instructions with lots of great pictures and is well worth the $15.

Earlier this year I made several part sheets that used similar colors. After the part sheets are fired, the edges have to be cut off to square things up. I used these edges to make this piece. As usual, I didn’t follow the directions exactly, but it was a good guide. It is a delicate piece and not very functional. Though I do think it would look great with some seashells in it. But even empty, the light shining through creates some wonderful shadow patterns.

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