Fused Glass Dish – What’s it for?

Is it men in general, or just my guy? I’ve mentioned before how wonderfully supportive my husband is of my fused glass and stained glass work. But, more often than not, when I show him something new he’ll say, “What do you use that for?” In his defense, he is trained as an engineer. Chemical, mind you, not mechanical, but an engineer’s brain nonetheless. We’re talking hard core engineer … pocket protector… slide rule. No, not anymore. But back in the day he used to calculate our gas mileage by pulling out his slide ruler. Of course, that was when we were dating and he was trying to impress me. Yup that did it! Anyway, I’ve been working on some new 5 inch plate designs with a new slump mold that I love. I love the great little shape that is has.  So before he asks, I’ve compiled a list of some uses for these versatile little dishes.

  • plate of lemons for ice tea
  • candy dish
  • coffee break and cookies
  • set the table with sweetener packets
  • tea time – a place to put those yucky tea bags
  • cookies for Santa
  • place to remember where  keys are
  • dry spot for a scrubby
  • a place to rest a spoon
  • candle holder
  • soap dish

I’m sure there are a lot more uses for these great little dishes. And because a visual always helps, here are some pictures!

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