Fused Glass Candle Shelter

Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know? I love the scents available in Yankee Candles but the jars… well… let’s just say they aren’t exactly attractive. They are okay, they just don’t fit in with my décor. And sometimes the scent I like is in a color I don’t like. I have made some stained glass covers that I like, but I really wanted something more updated. So last week when I went to my glass supplier I bought a new glass mold that I used to create a candle shelter. I love the way it turned out. It works well with the large Yankee Candles or even a small votive candle behind it. I made this one using various colors of frit. It was fused so that it still retained some texture. I will definitely making more of these.


5 thoughts on “Fused Glass Candle Shelter

  1. Nancy Klapatch says:

    Hi Margot, I have a sconce mold and a lot of not so pretty candles! I love how your candle cover looks and want to try one myself. Can you help me with the measurements? I was thinking of starting with a rectangle about 8 x 6.5″ high.. any suggestions? Should I go taller with the cover? Thanks so much for your help ~

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