What Not to Do – In the Kiln

You may have heard of the t.v. show “What Not to Wear.”  Well I’m seriously considering a blog series called “What Not to Do.” In the kiln, that is.

Here are some pictures of what happens when you, or more correctly I, try to put too many wine bottles in the kiln. I usually put 4 bottles in my Paragon Pearl 22 kiln. But yesterday I thought, “heck let me put in 5 – 4 in one direction and a fifth one the other direction.”  Not a good idea! As you can see in the picture, four of the bottles fused together.  I have accidentally fused 2 together before, but never all 4!

Now while this looks like it would make a very interesting serving tray, I have no way of knowing if the glass used in the different wine bottles are compatible. Two pieces of glass that are fused together must be compatible which means they must have the same COE (coefficient of expansion). The glass I use for fusing is all compatibility tested with a COE of 96. If the glass is not compatible there could be stress introduced in the glass and the glass could break at any time. I have read that the glass be okay for years and then one day just break. I am not expert in this matter, but I’m not taking any chances with it.

5 thoughts on “What Not to Do – In the Kiln

  1. Murano Glass says:

    I just found your site while searching for some glass related info. I have recently seen suncatchers and windchimes for sale that had been made bottles that have been heated and flattened., so maybe it wasn’t such a bad mistake!

  2. Patti Zimmerman says:

    Loved the wine bottles fused together. Would make a cool wall hanging…could reinforce with some transparent tape or glue. Whose to know?
    Enjoyed article. I am hoping to order my first kiln very soon. Thinking the Firebox 14. Any thoughts?

    • Margot says:

      I actually do use them. I put cheese on one side and crackers on the other. But I would never do this on purpose or sell them. I had a Skutt Firebox 14 and loved it. I sold it to upgrade to a Paragon CS16 with a fiber lid that is a clam shell style. I was spoiled with my Paragon Pearl 22 that is a clam shell style. I think Skutt also makes a 16″ Firebox. If the budget allows, I’d go for the extra 2 inches. Skutt makes good kilns and their customer service was great when I had questions. Good luck! Have fun!

    • Margot says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Helps to know someone is reading. I have found the Bullseye Online Education program to be a great resource. They have some free videos and a subscription program. I think it is worth every penny. There is a link at the bottom of my page and on the sidebar if you want to check it out.

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