Discovering Droid

Who knew that getting a new phone would take up so much time. I’ve been trying to post to my blog at least twice a week. But between the Thanksgiving holiday and my new Droid2 phone that I got a few days ago, I’ve been pretty busy.

My last phone, the LG Dare, was  technically a smart phone. But without a data plan to support it, it really wasn’t all that smart. When I upgraded my phone to the Droid2 I also added a data plan. My young adult children insist that this is a necessity. They have had data plans for 2 years now. But really, I know it’s not.  Here’s the the thing though… I love technology!  And I’m pretty sure that most women spend a lot more on shoes each month than I do so that easily offsets the cost of a data plan. How’s that for a rationale!

The last few days I’ve been exploring all the ins and outs of this phone, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It does take some time to figure it all out and it can be overwhelming. In fact, My daughter who switched from a Blackberry to this phone is struggling a bit. The jury is still out on whether or not she will keep it.  Every time I’ve switched phones there were certain things I had to give up, as well as learning new ways to do things that I’ve grown comfortable with. I’ve been looking at the vast market of  Android apps. Some are useful, some are cool, some are just stupid. If you have any favorites, leave a comment and let me know. Oh, and one of the nicest surprises is that the voice quality on the new phone is better than on my old phone. At least on my end. And after all, that’s really the main reason for a phone.

2 thoughts on “Discovering Droid

  1. arizona glass says:

    Well it seems like you hare happy with your new phone, that is good. I used to have a smart phone with a different company, but when the service went out of business I had to switch to a different provider but I got the cheapest phone I could get for free so I am out of luck. I was thinking about upgrading to the new droid but want to see what people have to say about it first.

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