What I’ve Been Up To

No matter how hard I try, it seems like I can get no more than one blog post up each week. Either I’m busy with glass activities and have no time to post, or worse I have no time for glass activities and hence nothing to blog about.

January has actually been a busy month with a variety of glass things going on. Early in the month my husband’s childhood friend and his daughter came for a visit. Last year when they came I taught her how to make a copper foil panel. This year she wanted to learn how to construct a lead came panel. She was an excellent student and rose to the challenge. My personal opinion is that creating a stained glass panel in lead is harder than creating a copper foiled panel. It requires attention to detail and working the lead lines can be like solving a puzzle. It is my preferred way to make a stained glass panel.

I also worked on making some custom sushi plates, making a heart stained glass panel for the Indie Artisan “The Color of Love” collection, and now I am in the middle of constructing a custom stained glass transom. I also made a few new fused glass crosses, which hopefully will be photographed and posted for sale soon. In between all of this, I became a Resident Artist for Indie Artisans and took on the role of blog manager. Who knew! I never thought I’d be writing for one blog, never mind two.

So that’s what’s been going on in my glass world.

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