Staunton, Virginia – Tiffany Stained Glass Windows

On a recent visit to Virginia we stopped in the town of Staunton. Staunton is known as the birth place of Woodrow Wilson. On the day of our visit we took a guided two hour walking tour. Our tour took us past many interesting houses and buildings in town. Our guide told us about the citizens of Staunton. One of the most famous, other than Woodrow Wilson of course, was Anna Mary Robertson Moses or Grandma Moses as she became known. She lived in Staunton for 18 years beginning in 1887 during the early years of her marriage. While in Staunton, she bought a cow with her own savings and supplemented the family income by churning butter and became a successful entrepreneur.

Also along the tour was a stop in front of Trinity Episcopal Church. As we stood outside the front door, our guide told us that the church had several stained glass windows from Tiffany Studios and then continued walking to the next point of interest. What?!!! You can’t just say Tiffany and walk away! As the group continued on, I leaned over to my husband and said, “I’ll catch up to you. I am going in the church to look at the windows.”

Fortunately, the door was open. And even more fortuitous was that an organist was rehearsing for a wedding. Standing there looking at the windows and listening to the music was… well… just one of those goose bump kind of moments. The windows were gorgeous! I am including a link here but the pictures don’t do the windows justice. My favorite was the Benedicite Window. The colors and glass selection are amazing. The light was coming in the window at just the right angle, and the landscape was alive. Also amazing was The Archangel Michael which had an excellent use of plating that Tiffany Studios was so well known for. If you are ever in this area of Virginia be sure to stop and see these fabulous windows.

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