Stained Glass Transom Times Four

Stained Glass Pattern SetupJust about every custom stained glass project I do has its own unique requirements. At the moment I am working on four stained glass panels. The panels will be installed into existing transoms that are above four windows in a bedroom. These panels will be a timeless design with a center bevel, glue chip background, and clear glass border. This kind of stained glass window looks great with any décor.

This project is the first time I will be constructing four of the same design. I originally thought I would build one at a time. I quickly decided, however, that it would be more efficient if I constructed them simultaneously. Not only would this save some time, but it would also make sure that all of my lead cuts are consistent. To make this happen I had to set up my work table with some extra wood strips at right angles.

The table is set, the glass is cut and I’m ready to start constructing. This is always the most time consuming part of the process. You can follow my progress on my Facebook Page:

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