Stained Glass on a Budget

You love the look of stained glass, but a full window or panel isn’t in the budget. What’s a stained glass lover to do? Well how about some stained glass corners?

I recently had a client who was building a new mission style house. If you have ever had the opportunity to build a new house, you know that everything adds up pretty quickly. Before you know it, those minor little changes and add-ons can take you over budget. My client had a beautiful mission style door with a transom above it. She wanted some stained glass, but doing the whole transom just wasn’t in the budget. So instead I made three stained glass triangles in a mission style that were placed in the transom over the existing clear glass. She and her family are big football enthusiasts. The colors she picked are their team colors.

Stained glass triangles can add the look of stained glass without the expense of commissioning a whole window. An added benefit of using triangles is that when the budget does allow for a full window, these triangle can be placed in another window, a doorway, or even outside.

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