Stained Glass Mosaic Cross

Stained Glass Mosaic CrossOur church recently held a woman’s retreat. The theme for the weekend was “Finding your place in God’s kaleidoscope.” It was all about discovering the gifts and talents that God gives to each one of us. When we share our gifts collectively wonderful things happen.

I was asked to create a visual for the weekend and I was happy to use my gifts to do so. I designed and created the center of the cross. Before the retreat weekend I glued the center pieces onto the wooden cross base. The wooden base was made by another church member with carpentry talents. (Thank you Bill.) The unfinished cross went on the weekend with the ladies. As the weekend progressed the retreat participants added the surrounding glass pieces symbolizing the addition of their gifts. After the weekend I grouted the cross. The result is a beautiful stained glass mosaic cross reminding us that we all have talents and gifts to share as part of God’s kaleidoscope.

4 thoughts on “Stained Glass Mosaic Cross

  1. Paulette Clements says:

    HI Margot
    I ran across your cross today – I love the theme of your woman’s retreat – and using the mosaic cross is perfect – In about 2 weeks I am holding a class at my church ( Birmingham Alabama) and we will all be making mosaic crosses – ours are 8 x 11″ . I love the fact that everyone was allowed to add the pieces – the cross brings God glory through the using of your gifts and talents. thanks you for sharing on the internet.

    • Margot says:

      You are welcome! And thanks for posting a comment; it’s nice to know someone is actually reading my blog. Have fun at your class. Let me know if you post a picture of the finished crosses.

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