Popular Stained Glass Bluebonnet Panel Design

Stained Glass Bluebonnetr

This is my second bluebonnet panel. The first one I made was a leaded glass panel. It was a challenge because of the many small pieces. In this stained glass panel I used the copper foil method for the majority of the piece. I used lead came for the border. This latest design has 82 hand cut pieces of glass. Some of the pieces are as small as the fingernail on my little finger.

I will admit that bluebonnets are not my most favorite thing to do; mostly because I prefer to work with lead rather than foil. However, bluebonnets are popular, and I do get requests for blue bonnet panels. Occasionally, I work up a new design (because I don’t like making the same piece twice) and after submitting an estimate I don’t hear back. This makes me wonder, what happened to my design? So now, I usually have a blue bonnet panel made up and ready to go should I get another request.

This bluebonnet panel measures 14.5” x 21.5” and is framed in zinc. The border glass is an opalescent glass in a creamy honey color. The blue border is in an iridescent blue glass which gives it a subtle sheen. Contact me at glassart.margot@gmail.com if you are interested and I will let you know if I have one for sale. If you are interested in purchasing the pattern, you can order it here: Bluebonnet Patterns

Here are a few pictures with different lighting.

12 thoughts on “Popular Stained Glass Bluebonnet Panel Design

  1. Patricia Howard says:

    I have a antique window- one upper 6 paine and one lower 6 paine panels for glass ( approx 10″x12 “). Craftman would like the glass panels /paine to actually be 9 7/8 x11 7/8inches for ease in slipping in the window paines. This was in my grandparents house that was destroyed. I have found a wood craftman who has put the windows back together, I would like stained glass panels of Texas wildflowers esp bluebonnets, paintbrush bloom and 4 other texas wildflowers. I want clear glass background and actual flowesr doesn’t need to be large as I want to be able to see outside. If I do both window portions, that will be 12 total needed – wouldn’t this be lovely antique to pass down to my children? I had considered dried wildflowers between 2 paine but concerned would fade and lose their color. Can you do my desires or have other ideas or suggestions. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you kindly. Patricia

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