Stained Glass Bluebonnet Panel

pn19 (0)My most recent stained glass piece is a bluebonnet panel. This is my second bluebonnet panel. The first one was a leaded glass panel. It proved to be a difficult process because of the many small pieces. For my second blue bonnet piece I decided to do a combination of foil and lead. This latest design has 82 hand cut pieces of glass. Some of the pieces are as small as the fingernail on my little finger. Because there are so many tiny pieces I opted to use a foil construction method for the blue bonnet and lead for the surrounding border.

I will admit that I do not enjoy doing bluebonnets; mostly because I prefer to work with lead rather than foil. However, I occasionally get requests for a blue bonnet panel. Several times I have worked up a new design (because I don’t like making the same piece twice) and a price and then never heard back. This makes me wonder, what happened to my design? The solution is for me to have a blue bonnet panel made up and ready to go should I get another request.

This panel measures 14.5” x 21.5” and is framed in zinc. The border glass is an opalescent glass in a creamy honey color. The blue border is in an iridescent blue glass which gives it a subtle sheen. It is for sale and can be found here in my store. If you are interested in purchasing the pattern, you can order it here: Bluebonnet Patterns

Here are a few pictures with different lighting.

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