Last Stained Glass Piece for 2010

This is the last stained glass piece I did for 2010. It was installed on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day so we didn’t get the full impact. There is nothing quite like the sun light streaming in through a stained glass window casting beautiful streams of light into a room. It still looked great though. This round window is in a powder room. It is 28 inches in diameter.

This stained glass panel was commissioned by a friend of mine. It was a birthday gift for her lovely daughter. When we first met to discuss the design, she told me her daughter loves flowers and crosses. While the cross is a definite design element in this piece, I didn’t want it to be the first thing you noticed when looking at the window. The flower is definitely the center of focus in this piece. The glass I chose for the cross is a heavily textured glass that reminded me of wood grain or a trellis. It offers maximum privacy while still allowing light to come in. The flower was based on a flower vine growing in my garden – Plumeria – I think.

Here is a section of a photograph I took that represents the color of the glass more accurately. Capturing the color of the glass in a photograph is always difficult for me.  The blue is deeper and the flower more red than in the photograph above. Using a flash made this picture a better representation of the glass color but also resulted in a lot of glare on the rest of the picture. Some day I am going to have to take a photography class!

Hope you all had a happy New Year and that you’ll stop by my blog once in awhile to see what I am working on in 2011.

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