Custom Stained Glass Panel – New Mexico Sunset

New Mexico Sunset PanelHere is the custom stained glass panel I installed this week. The design inspiration came from the client’s love of the colors found in New Mexico and a sunset picture which they showed me.

This piece was really all about the color. It is a little hard to see in the photograph, but the colors in the stained glass panel are echoed in the painting that is hanging on the wall. The dark blue represents the dark shadowy foreground of the landscape as the sun sets. The purple and pink are the wonderful hues that a setting sun can produce. There are bright oranges as the sun sets low into the horizon. And the turquoise blue is the last sliver of the blue sky you can see as the sun goes down.

This piece can be viewed as you walk into the front door of the home and makes a great statement. I love it when a client isn’t afraid to put their own personality into a design. This design was a nice departure from the flowers and bevel designs that are so popular.

Here is another view with different lighting.

New Mexico Sunset



3 thoughts on “Custom Stained Glass Panel – New Mexico Sunset

  1. chaniarts says:

    inner wall transoms. i hope they come back in style. used to be really common in housebuilding 70 years ago or so. when i had my current house built, we had a transom put over every door in the house for a future stained glass project. it only took 4 years for my wife and i to agree on patterns and colors though.

    • Margot says:

      The client put the arch in as an architectural feature. Only problem was that the view through the arch was of the attic access door in the ceiling. That’s when they decided a stained glass panel would be a good idea.

  2. chaniarts says:

    if you ever run across the hardware to make an opening transom window, please let me know (chaniarts at i tried making my own, but they failed within a short time.

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