Holiday Show 2011 Prep

In a few weeks I will be doing the one and only holiday show that I am doing this year. If you read my blog last October you know that I wasn’t going to do another show. But I am!

My plan this year is to simplify. Instead of taking my entire fused glass and stained glass inventory with me, I am going to focus on just a few items. This could be a risky move. Or maybe less will be more. I will take my recycled glass items (cheese boards, spoon rests, and soap dishes), coasters, and a few dishes and maybe some clearance pendants. That’s it!

Well that was it until last week when I got a sales flyer from one of my suppliers. I bought some glass nail files that I can add glass embellishments to and bobby pin blanks that I can make glass hair pins with. These two new items will make great Christmas stocking stuffers and round out my offerings with items at a lower price point.

With less than three weeks before the show, I am still experimenting to get the look I want with these new items. I did some more testing today and I think I may be there. We will see when I open the kiln tomorrow. My inventory of green soap dishes is low so I will need to make some more of those. I’ll be busy in the next few weeks! Hmmm… maybe I should make a few night lights too…. Uh! Oh! I am doing it again.

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