Google Search Changes – What the Heck?!


I have been a huge fan of Google from its very first days. But today I am really aggravated. A search tool that was very powerful is now not. One of the most useful things about the Google search bar was a “More” pull down menu. From that menu you could filter search results by certain criteria. The two I used all the time were “Blog” and “Discussion.” I regularly look for new blog posts about fused glass topics. When I had a question about something I would filter by “Discussion” to see what the bulletin boards had on the subject. Both are gone now as well as several other filters that I am sure are missed by others. Google! Why would you take functionality away?! It might be time to look at some other search engines. Looks like I’ll be checking out Bing.

2 thoughts on “Google Search Changes – What the Heck?!

    • Margot says:

      I have tried that as well as going to Google Blog Search. It definitely does not give the same results. It includes things that are not blog posts. I used to regularly check out what people were blogging about in the glass world. Now it is hard to find them. Considering all the Google Ads on blogs, I am surprised they are making it so hard to find them.

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