Tooth Fairy Plate Color Magic

children tooth fairy plateToday I was photographing a new fused glass tooth fairy plate that I made for my Etsy shop. This proved to be frustrating. I could not get a true color in the photograph. The border of the plate is a very pale pink with a hint of purple. I’d call it a pink blush color. The camera, however, saw it as blue. I tried changing several different settings on my camera including white balance, exposure and spot metering, all with little success. In the end, the best result I got was in natural light but still not exactly the right color.

Along the way, I also discovered something fun that may prove to be useful. I tried to correct the color in my photo editing software by experimenting with the hue adjustment. What I found was that this adjustment could be used to totally change the color. This is a great way to get ideas for future color combinations that I might want to try. Here are some of the samples I came up with. I particularly like the gender neutral green. But come to think of it, that green reminds me of the dentist office I went to as a kid. Not the best childhood memory. I had a lot of cavities!

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