Snowflakes in Summer

snowflake 2016It’s June… so you are thinking about snowflakes. Right?

Maybe not.

Today in Houston the “feels like” temperature is 106 degrees F. I certainly wouldn’t mind a few snowflakes. And in truth, I do start to think about making them this time of year. I hope to have enough in inventory to sell in my Etsy shop this Christmas and holiday season.

Several years ago I published a post with a link to a tutorial on making fused glass snowflakes. Recently I came across an even better tutorial on Pinterest. If you are making snowflakes, this post has a good illustration on how to cut and assemble the pieces efficiently. I might even consider doing a class on these. Let me know if you are interested.

5 thoughts on “Snowflakes in Summer

  1. Lesley Cowley says:

    Thanks for sharing Margot. I’m making snowflakes in the UK already too (and robins, rudolfs and Christmas trees!).

  2. Laura Koss says:

    Margot, I have been fusing snowflakes for months now as well and ironically, just hand-delivered a few to my sister just outside of Houston. I do like the delicate look of your flakes. Best of luck to you in the upcoming holiday season!

    • Margot says:

      And to you! Next time you visit your sister let me know. We’ll do lunch. I don’t often get to talk with fellow fusers. 🙂 I’m on the north east side of town.

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