Show & Tell – Fused Glass Pattern Bar Sushi Plate

This fused glass sushi plate is another project I made in the fused glass class I took at Hollander Glass. We made pattern bars in the first class. The next class we cut up the pattern bars and fused them into another piece. After it came out of the kiln, I sandblasted the blue sides of this dish which gave it a really unique look that is difficult to capture in a picture. It has a matte almost stone-like look to it.

Thanks Cyndi! Looks like a sand blaster is on my list of tools to buy now. Yes, honey! I’ll need more room in the garage!

10 thoughts on “Show & Tell – Fused Glass Pattern Bar Sushi Plate

  1. chaniarts says:

    you’ll get straighter lines if you fire it with the top side down first, flip it after firing, blast the top surface, and firepolish or fire until matte, then slump.

    • Margot says:

      I think the culprit here was the pattern bars. I’m not real comfortable with the tile saw yet. My bars were a bit too thick. With the bar slices on top the additional volume distorted the lines a bit.

      Firing top side down, and flipping is a great technique, especially for strip construction. I’m definitely going to be doing more of that.

      Thanks for stopping by. BTW, I love your red fern leaf plate.

      • chaniarts says:

        you’re right. the only way to get the long edges straight would be to fire it face down without the pattern bar slices, flip, blast, fuse the pb slices, blast, then slump to bend and get the matte surface.

        a tile saw is really very safe. you can run your fingers over the blade whilst it’s running without any problems except perhaps ruining your nail polish.

        DON’T wear rubber gloves with a wet saw though.

        • Margot says:

          Hmm… sounds like there is a story there with the rubber gloves. I’ll be sure not to wear them. Oh and…. manicure? It’s really tough to be a glass artist and keep any kind of a manicure.

    • Margot says:

      Thank you. No matter how much I design and plan something, it always is a bit of a surprise when I open the kiln. Sometime it’s even better than I had imagined!

  2. Marry says:

    Hello Margot, I enjoy stopping by your blog from time to time to check out your newest piece. I think this one is one of my favorites for it is very colorful and pretty ( and I have a weak spot for sushi!).

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