Second Full Fuse Test

With the first full fuse test a success; I decided to be a bit more creative with my glass in the next full fuse test. I also modified the firing schedule just a bit adding a hold time in the ramp up to help in reducing the number of bubbles. Here is what I put in the kiln.

Full Fuse Take Two

The next morning when I opened the kiln I was a bit disappointed.

SecondKilnTestResults (2)

As you can see, the long rectangular platter shattered. Yes, size does matter. This piece was almost twice as big as the pieces I had done so far. It was a very good lesson in what I had been reading about for months. When you work with a larger piece, you have to sloooow down the cooling process. Guess I’m a visual learner. The other two pieces were fine.

I tried it again a few days later, adding time to my firing schedule to slow down the cooling segment. It worked great.

Stay tuned! More tests coming on bottle slumping tests, drape molds, and more.

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