Lovely Ruffle Bowl Resurrected from the Glass Scrap Pile

One of the things I love about fusing glass is that even left over pieces from other project can be turned into something wonderful. For example, I recently made this piece. Not only did I end up with a beautiful creation, but I also saved glass from ending up in a land fill.

Scrap Glass Ruffle Bowl Slump

I made this with bits of blue, purple and clear glass. First, I used glass nippers to cut the glass into rough triangle shapes. Then I layered the pieces of glass in a circle on my kiln shelf and fully fused.

Scrap Plate

I didn’t use a dam on the glass. As a result, I got a nice irregular edge which was exactly what I hoped for. To compliment the uneven edge, I used a ruffle bowl mold to slump the piece into. It was the perfect shape and gave me the organic look I wanted.

Scrap Glass Full Fuse

3 thoughts on “Lovely Ruffle Bowl Resurrected from the Glass Scrap Pile

  1. Mary says:

    I made a layered scrap piece that looked very much like that in terms of colors. I draped it on a Starfire mold. I sold it last summer. If I can find a pic I will post it.

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