Recycled Glass Soap Dish & Handmade Soaps

Recycled Wine BottleI have been making recycled glass soap dishes from wine bottles. Like the wine bottle cheese boards that I make, the process starts by first cleaning the wine bottles meticulously. Then I break up the bottles and fuse the pieces together in the kiln. The next day the glass goes back in the kiln for shaping. I have to admit that I was really surprised at how great they look. I especially like the green glass. It has a very spa like feel to it. In addition to looking great, this design is also very functional. The texture of the glass helps to elevate the soap and the small gaps and spaces allow air to circulate helping to keep your soap dry between uses.

I needed some good looking soaps to help showcase my soap dishes. I found two great shops that sell handmade soaps. I was in for a real treat. Not only do these soaps look great and smell terrific, but they are also a real luxury experience for your skin. These soap makers use all natural ingredients that will pamper your skin. Both of these ladies have shops on both Etsy and 1000Markets. You can visit their shops by clicking on the links below:

Southern Vermont Soap on Etsy and 1000Markets
DeShawn Marie on Etsy and 1000Markets

6 thoughts on “Recycled Glass Soap Dish & Handmade Soaps

  1. Cary Million says:

    Hey Margo, just bought one of your wine bottle recycled soap dishes. When making that dish, does all the glass have to come from the same bottle in order to guarantee the same COE stability when firing? Anxious to receive the soap dish. Sounded and looked cool online and that’s what sold me!

    • Margot says:

      Yes! You absolutely have to use the glass from the same wine bottle. That way you know the glass is all the same COE. To be safe, I don’t even mix glass from the same brand of wine.

      There are, however, ways to tell if there is stress in glass if you combine different types of glass. Check out the website for more information on that if you are interested.

  2. Denise Lucas says:

    Love your pieces! I have just recently begun to play around with glass. Ive been melting beer bottles. But find them as well as wine bottles hard to clean, I have noticed water spots on the inside. How do you clean your bottles? If you dont mind sharing your tips, that is.


    • Margot says:

      Thanks Denise. Cleaning bottles is not fun, and they do have to be squeaky clean or they will end up cloudy. I put mine in a sink full of hot water with some dish soap and a little oxy clean. I hang them upside down on a wine bottle rack to dry.

  3. Melanie A Bowen says:

    Hi Margot, are you making and supplying soap dishes? I was looking for something in dark orange or red. Also would be nice if there was a container for toothpaste/toothbrushes. Is this something that would be possible? Hope you don’t mind me asking 🙂

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