Love You – Warts and All!

I should know better than to design something in a hurry. I was running behind on some pieces I wanted to have ready in my online store before Valentine’s Day. My heart stained glass panel that I am working on still needs to be framed as I type this; hopefully tomorrow. So while I was working on my stained glass piece I thought I’d make a quick sushi plate in the kiln.

Take two pieces of glass and add a heart of red frit glass, stick it in the kiln; pop it in a mold and you’re done. Easy – right? Ugh! I should have spent a little more time thinking about this. At first glance in the picture above, it looks pretty good. But when you look at it closer there are bumps in the glass where air was trapped between the two layers of glass. I should have known better. I had problems once before with white glass and bumps. A more conservative firing schedule and maybe having the clear glass on top would have prevented the bumps which prompted me to title this piece, “Love You Warts and All.”

I’ll probably try it again, but for now, I’m hanging on to this piece. Maybe I’ll use it to serve my husband dinner on Valentine’s Day. After all what greater love is there than to love someone warts and all!

Here is a picture so you can see the bumps.

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